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GPLAB-SDK Control Library for the use of software development

Features of the Software

The SDK comes with drivers for Microsoft Windows, DLL(API), sample-application for references so that user-own developments for image evaluation, porting, and on board testing applications can be possible.

Framework of the Software

Image Evaluation Software

Image Evaluation Software


Features of GPLAB-SDK

  • Transmission control
  • Measures the synchronizing signals
  • DIO Control functions
  • Saves image files
  • Retrieval/Release of devices
  • I2C local bus access
  • I2C Settings (using files)
  • GPirates capture settings
  • Version updates retrieving functions
  • Supporting functions for image size calculating
  • PCI Express Version Memory Registration functions
  • Image conversions by software
  • Hardware image conversions parameter settings
  • Power, reset, clock prescale, 12C bus control

*This API can control both USB and PCI express version except for some parts of API.

Specifications for Software

Product Name API for user-developed applications
Model Name GPLAB-SDK
Description Control Library (DLL)Sample Applications
Supported Operating-System WindowsXP/Vista(32bit64bit)

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