Security Cameras

The SpyEye 02–C4SCM–001–B from C4AV is an ideal indoor security and surveillance camera for the home or business. Compact in size and available in either black or white housings, it can be mounted discreetly on ceilings. A selection switch sets video output to either NTSC or PAL formats, and a BNC connector facilitates integration into CCTV systems. The advanced 1/4-inch imaging sensor by Aptina Imaging features superior low-light performance, allowing for around-the-clock surveillance and excellent image quality in any lighting condition.

C4AV Security Cameras• 1/4-inch Aptina Imaging sensor
• NTSC and PAL output:
• NTSC: 720H x 480V, 60 fields/s
• PAL: 720H x 576V, 50 fields/s
• Automatic Functions:
• Auto Exposure
• Auto White Balance
• Auto Flicker Detection and Avoidance
• Lens: 3.3mm F2.0, 76° Field of View

• Sensitivity: > 11.5 V/lux-s at 550nm, Minimum
Illumination 0.2 lux
• Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N): > 45dB
• Pixel Dynamic Range: > 80dB
• Video Connector: BNC
• Voltage: 12V or 5V DC with Parity Protection
• Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 57mm
3 5/16in x 3 5/16in x 2 1/8in